Hello we’re Hayley and Amy. We are a freelance creative team working in Manchester. We’ve known each other for the best part of 15 years. Back at University in 2007 we realised we weren’t getting rid of each other the anytime soon and how right we were. We are often referred to as the female version of Ant and Dec – you never see one without the other and you’re never quite sure which one is which.

Now more about what we do…

You know that feeling when you’ve got work to do desperately, whether it’s for a pitch, work due to go live or a very tight deadline and you have no idea who to call? Well, we’re the answer.

Ideas that’s what we do. No matter who they’re for our aim is the same, find the big idea –  whether it’s for TV, print, social, stunts, radio, online or even branding and design.

So, if you have a client in need of some fresh thinking or a pitch in need of a big idea, give us a call.